2016 CWBL Nationals – Day 1 is done!

The opening day of a tournament is usually about determining where each club’s skills lay, and this was no exception. You’re going to have clubs of adults, Paralympians, and professionals play against upstart clubs with high schoolers, developmental, and recreational players. This Friday was no exception. There were some absolute drubbings. You can find the full list of results on the schedule.

It was great to have some students from SD73 come down to watch some games and take some cards home with them. They really livened a quiet Friday morning crowd up, and many were keen on asking questions about the mechanics of wheelchair basketball vs. able-bodied basketball, and the classification system. Some were stunned when Tanner Scott stood up and fixed a chair that had become entangled between plays. Hopefully some of them will join us again on Saturday and Sunday.

Tomorrow will offer some great games, and we hope that you join us, either on the liveblog (Court 1, Court 2) or live! It’s totally free. The TCC is a great venue, and the bleachers are offering a fantastic view of the courts. Catch you tomorrow!

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